10-22-21 Press Release - Holiday Lights Tour and Application Form (PDF)

Press Release 10/22/2021
Light Up Westchester and Playa del Rey Again!

Homeowners who routinely go all out to decorate their homes and yards for the holidays, might want to consider participating in the Second Annual Holiday Lights Tour & Contest, sponsored again by the Westchester Mental Health Guild.

Once again unable to do its traditional Holiday Home Tour, the Guild is repeating a driving tour of outdoor decorations. There will be prizes for four winners in the contest, in the categories of: Best Theme, Best Lights, Most Whimsical, and Fan Favorite. Prizes in the first three categories will be awarded by three judges, while Fan Favorite will be decided through voting by participating spectators. The judges include the two first place winners from last year’s Tour & Contest.

To enter your home in the Tour, homeowners will need to complete an application that can be found at the Guild’s website, www.westchestermhg.org and make a donation of at least $25, no later than Wednesday, December 1. Contest decorations must be complete no later than December 12, as viewing and voting on the homes will take place the week of December 12-20. Locations of the homes entered into the contest and the ability to vote for a favorite will be available for a donation of $10 per carload after December 1.

According to Guild President Janie Guthrie, the Guild is sponsoring an outdoor decorating tour again this year, “People seemed to love this event last year, and we had a great time putting it on. It seemed to bring joy to many and raised money to support good mental health in our community.”

The Westchester Mental Health Guild is a 501(c)(3) organization with the purpose of fundraising to support Airport Marina Counseling Service. AMCS operates a clinic at 7891 La Tijera Boulevard to provide affordable mental health counseling to the community and to train therapists. For further information, access the Westchester Mental Health Guild website at www.westchestermhg.org, and the Airport Marina Counseling Service website at www.amcshelps.com. For questions, email: info@westchestermhg.org.

10-22-21 Press Release - Holiday Lights Tour and Application Form (PDF)




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